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If I had enough time and finances, I would go on a travel around the world. Normally, such a trip can take up to two years. It is my biggest dream to have my own experience of different cultures. I have so many travel accessories from StartMyHobbyTrip to test in reality. I am waiting impatiently for the pandemic to be subdued and the planet can return to its normal rhythm.


Permalink is one of the most popular and trusted sources for travellers and tourists in Russia. We publish news, articles, reviews, unique travel guides, and a lot more. The website is updated daily and attracts over 1.500.000 unique visitors per month.

Since 1998, is recognized as the place to pick a tour package, book a ticket and a hotel, gather information about the destination region and travelvisa requirements, and browse through last-minute deals and specials. cooperates with tour operators, travel agencies, consulates, hotel branches, transport companies, tourism offices, and airlines. Thanks to our business contacts we always have correct information at first hand. Among our friends and clients one can see companies that are not directly involved into tourism but can be interesting for travelers as well: banks, insurance and exhibition companies, mobile operators, producers and distributors of photo equipment and publishers of thematic literature. is enjoying high reputation among its clients.


Website Traffic



In 2013 average daily traffic on weekdays was equal to about 66K unique visitors, weekly – up to 500K visitors, monthly one – about 1.5 million unique visitors.

Averaged website traffic indicators, 2013



Audience description


  • The majority of visitors are active internet-users at the age under 35 years old (54%).
  • Female audience counts for about 64% of all website visitors.
  • 45% of visitors are from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
  • While only 11% of visitors surfed the website using smartphones and tablets in 2012, in 2013 this number has increased to 22%.
  • Almost 70% of visitors travel at least once a year, 12% – go abroad more than 4 times a year.
  • More than 20% of website visitors go for business trips not less than twice a year.
  • 91% of audience in 2013 shared their holiday with sightseeing, 77% preferred spend their vacation in a couple as well as beach-related rest, 59% of website visitors were looking for some entertainment while travelling.
  • Except for travelling, audience is interested in cinema (32.9%) and literature (16.4%), business (19.8%), and in cars too (14.5%).


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