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Post Info TOPIC: 9 Ways Your Mobile App Is Good for Your Business


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9 Ways Your Mobile App Is Good for Your Business


We’re at the point in time where mobile apps are not just nice-to-have, but need-to-have tools for your business or organization. A great mobile app can give you visibility to new markets, increase sales, create new jobs, and build trust with your customers. Here are 9 ways that having mobile app development in USA can benefit your business in more ways than one!


1) Good for your business' brand

More and more consumers are looking at reviews of companies from users before they make a purchase. The less people know about your business, the more likely it is that they will want to check out what other customers have to say before deciding whether or not to buy from you. Having a mobile app development company  makes it much easier for your brand's followers to access customer reviews while they're on-the-go.


2) Helps you manage your business better

When you have a mobile app, you have all your business data with you no matter where you are. This gives you more control over your time and your schedule. It’s easy to keep track of everything that’s going on because it’s all in one place.


3) Online orders via smartphones

More than 30% of all retail sales will be completed via mobile devices by 2017, according to Forrester Research, and almost half of consumers use their phones to access product information. If you sell products online, make sure your website is mobile-optimized. And if you run a local business, consider creating an app that enables customers to order food or merchandise on-the-go.


4) Tracking customers is easy now

If you’re not tracking customer information now, consider setting up a simple spreadsheet that tracks customers, their contact information and their purchases. You can then update it with each new order or customer inquiry. It might take some time to set up initially, but it will be well worth it in terms of your business growth down the road.


5) Smartphones allow you to create content instantly

Content marketing is big these days, and it’s only getting bigger. Social media has made many forms of content creation easier, faster, and more portable. Now that smartphones are literally always in our pockets, they allow us to record video on the go or take high-quality pictures for posting online.


6) It's a convenient medium of communication

Incentives help get people to take action. If your business can give a special deal or extra benefits to customers who download a mobile app, then they’re more likely to do so. You could offer free shipping if they buy one item or even put all of your products on sale for a limited time if customers download an app and opt-in.


7) Makes social media engagement easier

According to a survey by SmartBrief and Salesforce, nearly three-quarters of business leaders say that incentive programs encourage customer loyalty. By creating an incentives program, you can make your customers feel like they’re part of something special and get them more invested in your company. You don’t need to dole out cash or prizes; there are plenty of ways to get people excited about your brand without spending too much.


8) Drive traffic through app reviews & press releases

A mobile app development services provides you with an easy way to collect customer information that can be used to offer special deals and reward good behavior. If you’re having trouble getting people to download your app, try offering free content or a product discount in exchange for signing up—it’s an excellent way to grow your user base quickly.


9) Create incentives for customers

Make your customers want to download your app! People are very much motivated by rewards, whether it’s a free meal or a discount. Don’t make them guess what they’ll get with an app. Create an incentive that works well with your product or service.


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