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Post Info TOPIC: Top 20 Best Typing Software for PC Free Download 2024

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Top 20 Best Typing Software for PC Free Download 2024

Typing software is a computer application that helps newbies to learn fast typing and work with the keyboard quickly and effectively. Best typing software for PC Free Download helps in learning typing in short and interactive sessions. This software is also known as typing tutor and offers scheduled exercises for new users. It supports a virtual keyboard and number pad for easy learning of typing.

Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing Tutor tool makes the entire learning process fun and it’s free of cost. The kids and the adults both can learn typing from Rapid tutor. Its virtual keyboard has a zone highlight which helps the user to set their fingers perfectly on the keyboard. Popular keyboard layouts like QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, etc are a part of Rapid Typing tutor, however, it may take some time for the users to adjust with different layouts other than just QWERTY.

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Key Blaze

Key Blaze is a free typing tutor for those who wish to increase their typing speed. Those who want to increase the number of words typed per minute like secretaries, marketers, writers, etc. can use this software. It has a lot of practice exercises which makes it interactive for the adults. Those kids who want to increase touchpad typing speed.

Typing Bolt

Typing Bolt is free typing software is for those who still peep into the keyboard while typing. It’s an AI based typing tool which helps the users to learn typing with the use of just index fingers. The AI of typing bolt studies typing patterns and uses multiple algorithms to track the levels of different users. It has a user-friendly interface that helps in typing without looking at the keyboard.

Speed Typing Online

It’s a free online typing tutor software which has 17 classic lessons. These lessons help the users to learn typing of all the letters of the keyboard before testing the learnt skills through reviews. It offers two types of lessons i.e., basic and advanced. It is ideal for the beginners but may not be very useful for the advanced users.

Read more is a free typing software for teachers and students which offers attractive tips and tricks to learn typing. It helps in improving the work on daily basis. It possesses multiple level typing assessments of one, two and five minutes correspondingly which allows the users to test their performance levels and improve accordingly.


Typing Club

It’s a free web-based highly efficient typing tool which can be used by individuals as well as schools. Although it is available for free use but, its paid version is also available which has advanced features. It can be used by teachers for free typing lessons offered to track the progress of students, customizing lessons and managing several classes at a time.

This is typing software but with a slight difference. It is for programmers because its lessons for typing practice are based on open-source code which helps the programmers to practice typing sequence which are like the real code. It comes for free as well in a paid plan.

Touch Typing Study

Its free, its easy and one of the best software to learn and practice typing and also for improving your typing speed and precision. The Touch Typing software for MAC is based on the concept of developing the muscle memory instead of vision. This method is helpful when there is need to increase the data entry speed especially when it has to be transcribed from other visual sources.


Ratatype is a free typing software with speeds up you’re typing by developing valuable keyboard skills within the users. With it’s online typing lessons and tests, the accuracy of typing increases. You can make a group with your friends with the help of this software and promote healthy competition amongst your friends, colleagues, classmates etc. Ratatype also provides free online certificates for outstanding typing speed.


Typing Master

This typing software is available for free and compatible with all operating systems. It is widely used by the beginners. The beginners can increase their typing speed to two-folds and also improve the keyboard skills in an interactive way by using this software. It is available in standard plan and premium plan which cost one time purchase.

Some users may find it’s interface dull and boring.

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The Typing Cat

It’s a web-based keyboard tutor which helps in improving the typing speed with its various keyboard layouts. It also helps in learning computer keys online with accuracy. The users can enhance their overall computer skills with typing cat. The user can expand their keyboard layouts to Colemak, Dvorak or Workman.

Type Lift

It’s a free touch-typing software which runs directly in the browser. It acts as an assistance in practising your keyboard skills effectively and helps you to intensify the typing speed. It has typing tests to check your skills and you can create your typing lessons. The users can view the total overview of their performance of previous typing exercises. It instantly displays your writing progress.

It is the only typing tutorial which offers 23 various types of keyboard layout in Windows OS. The tool offers typing lessons in different language like English, Italian, French, Spanish etc. This tool helps you to type perfectly in very short span of time with your fingers, say just few hours. It’s a web-based course so there is no need of downloading.

It’s a keyboard web application which teaches the users touch typing. The software helps the users to increase their typing speed and precision vividly. It has the feature of customization so that the users can practice according to their skills. The layout can be selected according to personal choice and profile can be created for using it.


GNU Typist

It’s a free typing software tutorial that is released under the GNU general public license. With this tool the users can learn correct typing and improve their skills by practicing exercise daily. The tutorial is available in different in different languages like Russian, French, Spanish, Czech etc. it not just helps you in improving your typing but also in interpreting a simple and intuitive scripting language.

Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

This typing tool is unique, simple and flexible to use. It supports customizable layout of keyboards and allow the users to edit, save new or customized keyboards layouts. It offers multi-keyboard options which can also be customized. It offers different languages and different types of practising activities. It also accepts external texts. It supports Windows as well as Linux.

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Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer is a free online typing tutorial tool which offers tests and exciting typing games through which the users can do keyboarding practice. It’s one of the best free typing programs which helps the users to learn and rehearse touch typing in the most efficient way.

Learning and practising typing with Typing trainer is fun because it offers more than 700 activities and play typing games.

Type Racer

It’s an online competition software which allows users to compete with each other by typing quotes from various movies, books or songs. It’s like an interactive multiplayer game on the web which enhances the typing skills also. It is ideal for students as well as teachers.


It is compatible with Windows as Mac and one of the best free typing programs. This typing app provided a thorough analysis of problems and word typed per minute. The screen of the interface reflects the keyboard and the words which are being typed. It also pops up the accuracy of the text and also a brief information about it, so you get to learn something new while learning typing.

Key Hero


It improves the accuracy and WPM of the user. It is helpful for the secretaries and writers who need to have a high typing speed for their tasks. The typing texts and the games are quite entertaining and educational, so the entire learning process becomes quite interactive and entertaining. It displays the WPM and accuracy while the users work on typing tutorial. It is compatible with Windows only.

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